Rewarding employees for demonstrating safe work habits and setting an example is proven to reduce cost, boost morale and create a more productive workplace.

Vanilla Zebra has helped organizations just like yours increase profits by reducing accidents through positive behavior change. We can show you how to design a tax-free incentive program that delivers results, while making program administration a breeze.

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of an effective behavior-recognition program. It makes your presentation to other decision makers much more effective. To reassure you that we can help your organization achieve its goals, please feel free to call some of our clients and ask how we have helped them. Please contact us for a list of case studies and references.

Isn’t A Paycheck Enough?

Well, not if you want the kind of performance and loyalty that it takes to excel in today’s competitive business environment. Doing more with less is a way of life in business today. According to every major employee survey for the last 50 years, the number one factor in job satisfaction is not money. It’s recognition and appreciation. Money ranks 6th. But most managers don’t know how to systematically recognize and reward positive behaviors among their employees.

In addition, lack of recognition is the number 1 reason good employees leave their jobs. What does it cost you to replace a valuable employee? One and a half times their annual salary! Consider: almost every top executive in every industry receives a major portion of their income from bonuses or rewards. Why not do the same for all your associates? Your employees will perform better and stay longer with an effective recognition and recognition program. It’s human nature, and smart business.

Does Safety Recognition Cause Injury Hiding?

Poorly designed programs do, but we’ve trademarked a process that avoids that. We’ll design a program for you with rules that are carefully designed to ensure injury reduction without injury hiding. If you’re worried about injury hiding and would like to hear more, just give us a call.

At Vanilla Zebra, it is our mission to assist organizations to reach goals, overcome industry challenges and create a sustainable competitive advantage through the strategic use of employee award programs. Our focus with clients is to foster an engaged culture of recognition in the workplace while providing a memorable experience for each gift recipient or participant of our employee award programs.